About us

Our vision

Knitted for You motif collection site is a community for discovering, creating,knitting and sharing inspiring knitting motifs powered by creative people worldwide.

To spark and facilitate creativity by having:

  • Design tool - available and easy to use
  • Line by line © - the ultimate knitting tool 
  • Network for designers to display and share their best designs
  • Share and care about inspiring designs in the community
  • Always free to search and select
  • Memberships plans to support your designer aspirations and dreams

Any questions?

Always welcome to contact us by email to katalin@knittedforyou.com or by the form: contact-us

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The company

Name: Knitted for You

Vat nummer: SE810704970501

Address: Rudeboksvägen 195, 22655, Lund, Sweden

Our team

With passion for programmering and knitting

Katalin Szasz

I am the creative director of Motif community and Knitted for You.

I have a passion for knitting and innovation. I challenged myself, by combining my background as a programmer and my skills to simplify solutions. The result this time is this super, fantastisc and flexible design tool to create complex motifs and a Line By Line © feature to knit these motifs with simple line by line instruction.

This is the offer!

From the moment I came up with this idea I got support from some amazing persons. They believed in me and also helped with practical details.

Andrea Grundelius

She really enjoys communication and creating websites with simple design.

Andrea Lado

She has a passion for programming and she loves creating websites that strengthen creativity. She has helped me out dozens of times bringing new ideas regarding any tecnical problem I faced.

Izolda Veres

Izolda likes to knit. She was my first supporter and she helps evaluate feature ideas. She also tested by knitting the first motifs for the proper measurements.


Almi Innovation

This project also gained support from ALMI Innovation, a Swedish entrepreneurial support organization.


We are sure you will like this tool and use it everyday, allowing you to swap motifs with other users. Register today!


This is much better than I thought first :). This is super!


I liked the idea immediately when Katalin explained it to me! It looks simple and the genius behind it and the time and passion invested in it is amazing. I hope you enjoy all features!

Andrea Grundelius