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Please note. You are only allowed to edit your own motifs in order to protect your creations.


How the Design tool works?

On the image below you will see how the design tool looks now.

There is a 48 x 48 diced panel to edit motif. Next to it on right side there are some predefined colors to choose between. Bellow the panel there are the tools you can use.

Tools developed until now: draw with pen, draw a rectangle, draw a circle, clear the panel, undo, redo, save image

Choose a tool and a color by clicking and start drawing. You draw when the mouse is above the panel and the left button clicked.

To upload your own image click on the "upload your own image" link below the design tool. You can upload an image with max 200px x 200px, each pixel will correspond to a stitch in the motif. We think this size is large enough for any of your knit project.

You can name your motifs, tag them and add a description to them. 

When saved, the knitted image of your motif will be generated automatically.

Read about our planned features on the design tool below the image

This is how the design tool looks Image about Design tool


Features we think will be interesting to develop on the Design Tool:

Scale image - so that you can upload an image in any size and the program calculates it on the size you need it.

Copy & Paste - to ease drawing of similar parts.

Flip - to reflect/reverse the selected part of the motif.

Fabrics size - the boxes on the panel will be resized based on your stitch sizes. This to help you see the right scale.

Print - will allow you to get the motif in the traditional way, on paper.

Color play - so that you can choose the colors in your knitting motif and play around with them to see if it will be the right combination. In this way you will also be able to use the tool with your colors. In example to swap blue and white for yellow and gray in the example motif above.

Custom colors - add your own colors to the palette.

Linjal - to mark the boxes on your column and row.

There are many interesting features under development and we invite you to let us know any of your requests by email to


Thank you so much. Together we create am amazing website for every knitter.